Field Owners should feel free to use these rules as guidelines for their events

Download a copy of our Liability Waiver which is required to be completed by ALL participants when on our fields

  • NO physical contact is allowed.  All players must remain a minimum of six (6) feet away from any opposing players at all times.

  • No behavior is allowed that could cause injury or harm to any person.

  • Laser Sports USA is a non-contact sporting event, do not take any action that may harm yourself or others on or off the field of play.  You will also take no action to cause harm or damage to any property or equipment belonging to Laser Sports USA.

  • No one is to use their taggers before the whistle is blown.  When the Start Game Whistle sounds, you may then pull your trigger and begin the 5 second countdown.  Only after this countdown is complete will your tagger be active in game.

  • All players will cease using their taggers at the end of each game.

  • In general, no person may move more than 5 feet from the team bases before the start of a game.

  • The mission Start and End will be marked by a single, long sounding of the referee’s whistle.

  • Normally each person starts with thirty (30) Hits, or ‘lives’.  If you are hit enough times to bring your total Hits to zero (0), then you have been eliminated from play and must immediately leave the game field by the safest route and return to the Staging Area marked by the orange cones.

  • Once out of the game you are allowed to assist team mates by spoken word, but only when standing in the Staging Area.

  • Laser Sports USA reserves the right to reorganize team size and order, or refuse participation at any time during an event.

  • Every participant MUST complete and sign a copy of the Laser Sports USA Release and Waiver of Liability before being issued any gear or equipment, to show that you are fully aware of the risks of laser tag play and that you play at your own risk.

  • NO real weapons, hazardous materials, or illegal substances or alcoholic beverages are allowed near or on the field of play at any Drop Zone Laser Tag event.

  • No one is to leave the area of play while still in possession of any Laser Sports USA equipment or property.

  • If you encounter a member of the public on the  play field, ask them to step off the play field, then contact a referee immediately.

For a list of some of our game missions please click here: MISSIONS



  • Close-toed shoes, sneakers or trail boots suggested.  No sandals, heels, cleats or bare feet.

  • Shorts, jeans, BDU pants (camouflage or military issue/surplus), or other full coverage lower body clothing.

  • Tee-shirts, long sleeve shirts, utility vests, BDU jackets, or other full coverage upper body clothing.


  • GAME START: 1 LONG whistle sounding.  At this time, pull your trigger to begin the 5 second countdown on your tagger.  You will be unable to use any of the tagger functions until this countdown is over.

  • GAME OVER: 1 LONG whistle sounding.  You will immediately return to the staging area to reactivate or reset your tagger for the next mission.  Do not return to your team base unless otherwise instructed.

  • ALERT NOTICE: 2-3 QUICK whistle bursts.  ALL game activity MUST stop until otherwise directed by the Field Marshal.  This alert is to protect players from harmful weather, possible injury or a failure to adhere to Laser Sports USA Rules and Regulations.

Some Suggestions for Players

  • Be sure to bring a few bottles of water or sports drink when you play Laser Tag.  Playing long hours at an outdoor field or battling your way through an indoor arena can be dry work.  We want to make sure you play safe as well as have fun.

  • If you are playing Laser Tag at a location that does not offer food, bringing a few sandwiches and snacks in a small cooler for you and your friends will make the breaks in game play a lot more enjoyable.

  • In most locations players are welcome to bring their own folding chair or collapsible seating.  It sure makes the hours of fun that much better to have a good seat now and then between games.

   Laser Sports USA offers Food & Drink Packages as add-ons to your Laser Tag Event.  Ask us about these and other options.